Treasure Plate

The epic sci-fi space rock opera from
Rochester, NY

Our Album is Now Available Online!

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We've released our super-futuristic USB albums live to you at our album release (which was spectacular). Now it's available via the super-futuristic internet!

Check us out on Spotify, Apple Music, and our all-new Bandcamp Page where you can get albums, shirts, and stickers.

Album Review: CITY Newspaper

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Frank De Blase wrote about Engine Core Phenomenal for CITY:

"Engine Core Phenomenal" is some wacky shit, both visually and audio-wise. And thankfully, it's a lotta fun. The brilliance behind Rochester's sci-fi rock band Treasure Plate is that both halves need each other to make any sense. You can't just listen, and you can't just stare, although you may not be able to help it.

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Album Review: Hearing Aide

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Paula Cummings reviewed our album on Here's what she had to say:

Whether it's live or recorded, the story of space travelers under siege is a great escape from our run-of-the-mill modern day problems. But then again, some things never change, like the yearning to explore the outside world in order to discover ourselves. As they sing in the final verse of the album, "It's who you are, it's how we grow / It's now where we're gonna go."

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From Beyond the Stars - Thank You!

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Our Album Release Spectacular was even more spectacular than we could have imagined. Thank you to everybody who came out and supported us, and in particular:

  • Kaleidoscope Collective
  • Walmart Supercenter (the musician, not the store)
  • Andy Conley
  • Ryan Flynn
  • Declan Ryan
  • Nora Kaminski
  • Al Brundage

The venue was amazing, our opening acts were amazing, the emcee was amazing, the photos (soon to be released?) are amazing, and everything surrounding the merch table was amazing.


Stick Your Thumb Out Video

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We got together with Demos Euclid and Tom Reeverts to record an audition for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. It was a great live recording experience, and we ended up with a killer video.

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The Crew


Captain / Guitar / Vocals


Engines / Drums / Samples / Vocals


Navigation / Keys / Vocals


Professor / Bass / Vocals

« You can't just listen, and you can't just stare... It's as if they allowed art supplies in detention. »

~ Frank De Blase, CITY Newspaper

« Treasure Plate is an intergalactic stage act from beyond the stars like no other, combining classic psych rock and horror sci-fi theatre in an (Enginecore) phenomenal way. »

~ Skyler Smith, Rasputin Media ~

« They were the best band of the Brokenstring Music Festival [2018] and one of the best sets I've seen in [2018]. »

~ Jerry Lyon, Starbrick Records ~

Special thanks to Al Brundage for providing us with photos and videos from our live performances